Elizabeth Breedlove

Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker

Elizabeth is a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience working in the Behavioral and Mental Health field. Elizabeth has worked as a Behavioral Specialist for adolescents with developmental and learning disabilities within the school and community mental health care systems, as a mental health counselor in an acute care hospital setting for adults, as an on-site dual-diagnosis counselor for those suffering from addiction and mental illness, as a Family Support Specialist for families suffering from sexual trauma and abuse, as a social worker and primary therapist at residential eating disorder treatment facility, and currently owns her own private practice. This myriad of experience with clients and patients has formed Elizabeth’s effectiveness as an all-inclusive treatment minded therapist.

Elizabeth challenges and aids in the implementation of each client’s goals and aspirations for their growth process. She empowers her clients to not only live independently, but successfully. Elizabeth serves individuals and their families by addressing trauma, anxiety, disordered eating patterns, conflict resolution, boundary, and goal setting.

She has an extensive history of advocacy with a particular passion for teenagers and adults in the LGBTQIA+ community. Elizabeth has been a change maker among the agencies she has worked in, promoting affirming interventions as well as ensuring each individual has a voice in their own mental health care. Elizabeth provides support and empowerment for trans individuals in each stage of transition, as well as for those who are non-binary or gender questioning. Elizabeth has a unique lens in the Eating Disorder treatment community in which she addresses the intersectionality of disordered eating with gender dysmorphia. Another area of advocacy for Elizabeth has been within the autism community. She has been a primary force in identifying adult females with Autism in mental health treatment settings whom have never been diagnosed or misdiagnosed, and therefore never had their sensory needs properly addressed. She has fought for her clients to access a full and accurate assessment and diagnosis, allowing them to finally receive ASD inclusive treatment.

Elizabeth is a member in good standing with the iaedp Foundation (International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals)